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Design of corporate identity in Samara

Design of the corporate identity is the creation of a set of rules, inscriptions and graphic forms that your company will use for self-identification on the market. Corporate identity is what distinguishes you from competitors, makes the company recognizable in the eyes of consumers. It allows you to make your business more effective, as it increases the credibility of you from potential customers. Corporate identity (colors, fonts, graphics and other components) should be able to demonstrate, you need to use it correctly. In order not to be mistaken, a brand book is being developed

Design of corporate identity and brand book is required in those cases when the company does not yet have brand symbols, or the colors, fonts and elements used make it difficult to perceive the brand as a whole. The
Design of the corporate identity of the organization is required:
- when you recently created a company and want to actively promote it on the market,
- when you have a wide retail or regional network,
- when there are different departments and divisions within the company,
- when you plan to participate in exhibitions, conferences, briefings and need to improve
- when recognizing the company among potential customers, consumers, future partners or investors,
- when you launch a full-scale advertising campaign,
- when you often use the services of different advertising agencies.

I am often asked: "What should be the corporate identity?"
Here are some recommendations:
- The main rule of developing a corporate identity is uniqueness. There should be no association with other companies.
- Corporate identity should be easy to remember, be recognizable.
- Corporate identity should be one. Advertising products can not be decorated in the same style, the packaging of goods in another, and the documentation should be executed in the third style.
- Corporate identity should be designed so that it can be easily scaled, applied to products without distorting visual perception.

Design of the corporate identity in Samara, The work process:
- Analyzing the activities of your company. Studying the history of its formation and Design, current state and Design.
- Analysis of the work of competitors and partners in your business area.
- Formation of uniform stylistics. Creating multiple versions of layouts and sketches.
- The choice of one direction of the corporate identity, detailed study of all its other elements. The
- You get a brand book, where rules and examples of using elements of corporate identity, as well as source files are described.

How much does it cost to develop a corporate identity? The
The cost of developing a corporate identity depends on the urgency of implementation and on the complexity (volume) of the work. For example, on whether a new font will be developed for the company or whether we will select corporate fonts from existing ones, whether we will create business cards, letterheads, letterheads, and a number of other nuances.

I have been engaged in web design and development for many years, including an exclusive Design of the corporate identity in Samara or in any other region.

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